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    $50.00 NZD

    Orange and almond log sliced on a bread board

    $19.95 NZD

    $32.95 NZD$19.95 NZD

    $106.40 NZD$95.95 NZD

    Image of the letters G L U T E N  F R E E spelled out in flour on a table with baking utensils around

    $113.80 NZD$99.95 NZD

    Sliced Tiramisu log alongside a serving suggestion of a serving of berries and ice cream

    $16.50 NZD

    $73.00 NZD$64.95 NZD

    Gluten Free Veggie pattie in a bun on a wooden chopping board

    $11.50 NZD

    Falafel patties served in fresh pitta bread with lashings of lettuce and avocado

    $12.00 NZD

    $100.00 NZD