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What is Ganache?

What is Ganache?

M&M Fans already know and love our decadent range of Sweet Treats. Ganache is a feature on many of our desserts but do you know the difference between ganache and mousse?

In this month’s blog post, we clear up the question once and for all but we should also issue a careful warning! Your mouth will be watering and you may be racing straight for the chocolate (ganache!) so make sure you have some handy before reading any further…


At the heart of every ganache

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is used as a filling in cakes and pastries (that’s why we love it!), or to make truffles and other chocolate candies.

The texture of ganache depends on the ratio of cream to chocolate. More cream creates a loose or soft ganache that is fairly liquid at room temperature. This is great for filling moulded chocolates and frosting cakes. While more chocolate creates a firm ganache that has the consistency of a thick paste at room temperature which hardens with refrigeration. This type of ganache is ideal for forming into balls and rolled in cocoa powder to create simple truffles.

The easiest ganache is made by simmering cream, pouring the hot cream over chopped chocolate, and then whisking the mixture until the chocolate is entirely melted and incorporated. Other common additions include butter, for a creamier texture, and extracts or oils for flavouring.


How to tell your mousse from your ganache

Chocolate mousse contains eggs, either raw or tempered, while ganache does not have any eggs. Ganache is a very simple chocolate sauce or glaze, while mousse requires several ingredients, more equipment, and more time.

Both can be used to form the base or finishing to a dessert, and both can be rich, creamy and chocolaty, depending on the amount of chocolate included.


If you’re into baking then have a play with both! It won’t take long to master your ganache and your mousse to wow your guests at the next dinner party.