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We're Raving About Ravioli

We're Raving About Ravioli

Us antipodeans often think of pasta as a winter meal and comfort food. However, when you think of Italy, where Ravioli originated, it is actually a light first course dish traditionally served before the protein-based main course.

The thing we love most about Ravioli is that you can eat it as both! Keep a Pumpkin Ravioli in the freezer to enjoy as a light meal or create a larger meal by adding a serve of beef or fish and making your Ravioli dish the side.


A Bit of History

The earliest known mention of ravioli appears in the personal letters of Francesco di Marco Datini, a merchant of Prato in the 14th century. ...Ravioli were already known in 14th century England, appearing in the Anglo-Norman vellum manuscript Forme of Cury under the name of rauioles.

A recipe for ravioli was also found in a 14th-century cookbook in Venice. The dish called for herbs to be mixed with fresh cheese and a beaten egg before being cooked in a broth.


Ravioli Fillings

Ravioli is an Italian dumpling that is typically stuffed with meat, cheese, or vegetables. ... The origin of the word is derived from rapa, the Italian word for “turnip.” Therefore the word “ravioli” literally means “little turnips”.

Ravioli is commonly served with a broth or sauce, and is a staple of traditional Italian home cooking. The fillings of ravioli differ depending on the region. Common fillings of ravioli include ricotta, spinach, nutmeg, black pepper, and lemon rind.


Make sure you keep some Pumpkin Ravioli in your freezer for the ultimate fast food meal when you can’t be bothered cooking!