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Weekly Health Kick Days

Weekly Health Kick Days

Summer holidays are typically when we tend to over-indulge a little. Especially with all those lovely big shared meals, BBQs, pizza gatherings, picnics at the beach...

So when you finally do get back home and back to life as normal, you might be wanting to give your body a rest from all the excess eating and make a few lighter or healthy eating days here and there. It's amazing how just 2-3 days each week of healthy eating can really go a long way.

Our ready made, frozen individual meals are an excellent way to help you achieve your "Weekly Health Kick Days" with minimal fuss and effort. You can also fill some of them out a little further by adding a side salad or extra veges.

By keeping a few healthy meal options in your freezer and ready to go for your "Weekly Health Kick Days", you'll find it's so much easier to keep with the programme and you'll be feeling healthier and more energetic before you know it!

Our top picks for your "Weekly Health Kick Days" are:

Of course, adding in a daily walk or some other form of exercise will really boost along your efforts. As the World Health Organisation recommends, all adults should do 30mins exercise each day to keep in good health.