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The Simple Way to Go Gluten Free

The Simple Way to Go Gluten Free

More than just a brief trend, going Gluten Free has become a long term lifestyle choice for more and more people around the world. We certainly notice the popularity of all our Gluten Free meals and desserts by customers who are either allergic, intolerant or just prefer to limit the amount of gluten in their diet.

In this blog post, we have some simple steps to help you move towards a low or no-gluten diet.

1. Pantry Upgrade

Of course, the fastest way to “fall off the wagon” is if there are too many gluten packed foods or not enough gluten free options available. If you have a family or others living with you to consider then simply make a note of the foods you love so you can stock up on gluten free supplies to get you started. It might take a minute to work out all the pantry items that contain gluten, including:

  • most breads, crackers, cookies, and snack foods
  • most mixes
  • most pasta
  • many frozen food products
  • many canned soups
  • some ice creams
2. Freezer Upgrade

This is an area we can certainly help you out with. By keeping a good stock of gluten free meals and desserts in your freezer, you will have a quick easy option available to heat and eat when you need. Take a look at our:

3. Fresh Produce & Meat

Fresh eggs, milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are the best thing you can eat when you are aiming for a gluten free diet. Luckily all our frozen meals are made from the best quality, fresh ingredients which makes them such a good ready meal option too.

4. Look for Gluten Free Labels

When you start on this lifestyle change you might think that going gluten free is going to be difficult but, in fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount and variety of gluten free food and drink you can by these days. From gluten free bread and pizza, to biscuits, cakes, beer, ice cream and more!

5. Read the Labels!

If it isn’t clear from the label then a few terms you want to look for that also mean “gluten” are triticum (the technical name for wheat), hordeum (also the technical name for wheat), spelt (a type of wheat), malt (this is often barley malt), pasta (will be wheat unless specified as gluten free), vegetable protein (often wheat or soy), dextrin and maltodextrin (can be made from wheat but this is less common).

6. Eating Out

Most cafes and restaurants these days specify gluten free on their menus which makes it easier to choose. If in doubt, ask your waiter.


Going gluten-free is a major lifestyle change, but it's one you can manage if you take it step by step. Your best bet to avoid the major mistakes people make when going gluten-free is to master each of these steps. Keeping your diet as gluten-free as possible likely will have real, noticeable benefits for your health.


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash