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Baking with Bananas

Baking with Bananas

We just love a nice thick slice of our Banana Walnut Loaf with a cup of tea as an afternoon pick-me-up which got us on the topic of baking with bananas!

More than just a super food, bananas really are the ultimate ingredient for baking. You can add them to almost any recipe to add sweetness, flavour and extra nutritional content.

Here's our tips and tricks when baking with bananas...

Freezer Ready

Just like our frozen ready meals, keeping a store of ripened bananas in your freezer is one of our favourite life hacks! Some people just throw them in the freezer as is when they've ripened - after all, they do come in their own packaging. Others swear by peeling them first and then storing in an airtight container.

Either way, as soon as you are ready to use your bananas, just pull them out of the freezer and defrost on the bench or in the microwave for about 1min for a whole, unpeeled banana.

Egg, Butter or Oil Substitute

Another handy trick is to use a ripe banana to replace an egg if you don't have any. Just remember that the banana flavour will come through so make sure you do this swap-out trick with recipes that complement this flavour.

You can also use bananas to substitute butter and oil in recipes. For butter and oil, you just swap out the same weight or measure for mashed bananas.

Ripening Yellow Bananas

You really need slightly blackened, soft bananas to get the maximise flavour and baking quality with this super ingredient. If you've only got yellow bananas to hand then don't worry, just pop them in a 180C oven for about 30-40mins. This will be enough to blacken and soften them plus they may even get slightly sweeter too!

Banana Walnut Loaf

And if you, like us, love bananas in your baking then you definitely can't go past our delicious Banana Walnut Loaf. Keep in the freezer and slice off portions as you need, or defrost the full loaf to slice and serve with butter.